A Child's Love - Mother's Day

Mothers Day is a time to appreciate those special women in your life who not only gave birth to you, but also those who fill that organic mothering role as well. From Mothers, Aunts, Sisters, Nieces, Cousins, Teachers, Best Friends and Neighbors, we all know a special person who fills the Mom role. We always feel a special kind of way when we think about our moms. We dig deep into the collective and pull up the memories that make us think about who we are today. We exude and exemplify the great qualities that we have taken from them, without pause.

My mother is beyond the best! I often say if I could be half of what she has been to me and our family, I will be WINNING!  My mother was the inspiration I had to want to play in makeup and dress up. When it came time to start Linell Ellis, she was one of my biggest fan! 

Each of our bags is named after a women in my family.  I thought of how unique each of these incredible women are to not only me but others in my family. It was important that I included our legacy and womanhood into my work. Now, being a mother myself of two wonderful sons, I am able to take those characteristics and use them to raise amazing men. 

This Mother’s Day spend quality time with the woman who nurtures your soul. Gather with those women who have given you their everything. Treat them to a handbag that exemplifies all those qualities that you admire. Our Linell Ellis Bags are timeless, classic and chic... sound familiar!?! Just like Mom. 

Live Completely 




Strawberry Season is Quickly Approaching

I love summer! Everything about summer! The sun and warm weather make me happy. I look forward to longer days and more sunlight.  I have been receiving deliveries from  From the Farmer DC for almost 3 years.  I absolutely love them. Fresh locally grown food delivered directly to my door every week.  This week the sweetest strawberries were in the bag.  When I opened the bag, the aroma just hit my nose.  I smiled and took a few deep breathes.  I knew exactly what was inside. They were a bright, deep red and totally delicious. 

photo credit: from the farmer dc

When I think about what makes me happy, I focus on things that create long lasting memories. I try to etch the moment into my mind and heart forever. I am always on a quest to experience new things. Is there something about summer that you love? Is there an experience you look forward to?  Let me know, I'd love to add a new experience to my list.

Live Completely,



Something About Her - Tatyana and the Theresa Tote

When we first came across Tatyana’s Instagram page, we had a sneaky suspicion she would be a great blogger to work with from the UK. Once we visited her blog, “Lafotka” www.lafotka.com, formerly “Secret Little Stars”, we knew for sure we had to reach out and see if we could collaborate with this amazing lady!

Tatyana hails from Scotland, where you can find so much hidden culture inside and outside of Glasgow and what serves as amazing backdrops for the sensational photos she takes. Venturing into blogging two and half years ago and with her background being in marketing, Tayana started with Secret Little Stars, which was just rebranded to “Lafotka” because of her endless love for clothes, shoes and handbags. “I also needed an outlet for my creativity where I could really feel free to experiment with my own. And it’s still to evolve and grow as I grow - an ongoing personal project.” With her own daughter being her true motivation, Tatyana hopes to inspire other moms and moms-to-be. She says, “I hope to inspire any girl really to remain stylish - it’s about feeling good about yourself on all levels for me and I hope that comes through in my blog.”

You can get a sense of her personal style from chic “Lafotka” where she shares her take on fashion, health, quotes that inspire her as well as “Must Shares”. Her personal style as she says is, “boyfriend jeans with heels! I definitely love masculine sharp shapes but with a feminine touch.” You should see the way she paired our Theresa Tote in Black with her shredded ripped boyfriend jeans, long sleeved-stripped top, tasseled beige scarf and a long chunky coatigan. We faint! It is the PERFECT outfit to state masculinity meets the female body. And the heels SET. IT. OFF. Please head over to www.lafotka.com and check it out. She did justice to the Tote, adding spring flowers to the photos to really make the bag pop. 

Speaking of handbags, the Theresa Tote in Black has become one of her favorites. We quote her blog, “This Theresa leather tote is my first ever proper tote. Crazy, right? I’ve always wanted a leather tote and there’s so much choice out there from well-known, yet affordable labels like Michael Kors, Radley’s, Ted Baker and many many more, but I wanted something different, something more luxurious and special…” Constantly smelling the real leather Linell Ellis Theresa Tote as she carries this bag, Tatyana is able to fit all her essentials in it as well, such as her laptop, camera, an extra pair of flip-flops and emergency backup items for her daughter. “It makes such a difference to wear a stylish tote of great quality, making every day errands so much more enjoyable.”

We agree with Tatyana when she says size does matter in a handbag. Her advice when choosing one is, “always imagine yourself wearing it with as many of your typical looks and colour schemes as possible. If you’re wearing a super casual outfit with sneakers - a nice structured tote or a leather clutch can always glam up your outfit. Go for bold colours and shapes that complement your complexion on any day, even if it’s a dull and rainy one.” We promise you won’t be disappointed visiting “Lafotka” and gaining some fashion tips.

Not only is she a wonderful Mum and a terrific blogger, but some may be surprised to know Tatyana used to be the lead singer of her band and was almost signed to Universal Records! There is no doubt her in-the-know, witty fashion sense paired well with that too. We are so thrilled to have collaborated with her and she even hosted a give-away for us, where one lucky winner won our Theresa Tote in Black… was it you?!? “Being able to inspire others with my outfits, stories, work with amazing brands like Linell Ellis, treat my readers to giveaways and meet new people who have the same passion as me,” is what satisfies Tatyana the most about her blog. We leave you with her favorite quote, “Thoughts become things, so choose to think good thoughts.” Think about it; pun intended.


Live Completely

12 Days of Giving - Linell Ellis X 365 Hangers

It's my favorite holiday of the year. This is when the world seems right.  More love, more smiles, and more giving.  This year we have teamed up with 365 Hangers, Jenna Colgrove and 12 other amazing brands to giveaway some pretty awesome stuff.  I love giving and I love awesome stuff.

Make sure you follow along and enter to win.  #behappy #livecompletely

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Fall Colors Come Alive

Now that Fall is upon us, we can enjoy the beautiful colors that surround us.  All senses should be enjoying the change. Here is some color inspiration for fall.  Enjoy!

Fall Colors - deep earth tones and vibrant texture

Fall Colors - deep earth tones and vibrant texture

Fall Floral - Florence Envelope Clutch

Fall Floral - Florence Envelope Clutch

Clothes and Quotes - A Conversation With Shannon

Shannon Rice is a very tenacious lady with steadfast fashion feelings as well as an honest air. If that sounds a certain way, it is meant to. Shannon gives the vibe that she is very present and in tune with what she knows to be true and real. We love it. We love her. Please do not miss her great fashion reviews and style tips, check out her blog Clothes & Quotes. (www.clothesandquotes.com)

Being motivated by her future, Shannon has always had an idea of what she wanted the future to look like and she knows a sure fire way to get what she wants is by working for it.  Her blog is her innovative outlet that lets her shape her ideas and futuristic plans. She started blogging in 2012 and fully committed to her personal blog, Clothes & Quotes, by 2013. I was just finishing up college and working in an office, a 9 to 5 type job, I was kind of bored. I was in dire need of a creative outlet. I wanted somewhere I could share my passions and inspirations and I was constantly looking at fashion blogs. I was so inspired by these girls who were just putting themselves out there and doing what they wanted without any hesitation. Eventually I decided that starting a blog was exactly the outlet I needed,dishes Shannon. The confidence she has gained through blogging has sent Shannon reaching for the stars. 

If you browse her site and read her posts, you immediately get a feel for a true, blue honest review that actually makes you feel good about the potential product of purchase. As for her personal style, Shannon is a jeans and tee shirt type of girl, but she always likes to pair them with a good pair of heels. She says, Of course I love dressing up, but my style is definitely more on the casual side.When asked what her three favorite go-to styles are currently, she mentioned, My leather jacket is always at the top of my list. I don't get to wear it much in Phoenix, but I reach for it every chance I get. My nude ankle strap heels, which I should get rid of because I wear them with pretty much everything. They have become a bit of a crutch. And a chambray top. I have about four at this point and again, it's a piece I constantly reach for. I love dressing the casual top up, it's creates such a great juxtaposition.

Her advice on handbags is, in sync with our thoughts, that you can never have too many!! “When it comes to any every day bag, I think it's always worth spending the extra money. I have "everyday" bags that I've had for years and have held up wonderfully. It’s definitely worth the splurge!” Shannon had the opportunity to carry our Nikki Clutch in Ratan to Hawaii a few weeks ago and it happens to be her favorite Linell Ellis Bag. She gushes, “My favorite Linell Ellis Handbag is the one I got to style on Clothes & Quotes, the Nikki Clutch Ratan. It looked gorgeous online, but when I received it, it exceeded my expectations. I love that it can be dressed up or down...It would look just as good with a dress as it would with a pair of jeans and a basic t-shirt.” Thanks Shannon, way to make us smile.

We hope you enjoy her blog as much as we do, and we love her pics of our Nikki Clutch in Hawaii. We leave you with a few fun facts about Shannon… She lives currently by the quote “Trust the timing of your Life”. She elaborates, “It's easy to get discouraged when you aren't where you think you should be or where you thought you would be at any given time in your life, but I have full faith that if I know what I want and if I am willing to work for it, it will eventually come. Where I am right now is exactly where I should be!” Currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Shannon enjoys bikes rides, the many new (non-chain) restaurants that pop up and of course that gorgeous fall/winter desert weather (ideal for fashion!). Lastly, she has six tattoos, five of which she kind of wants to get rid of, but hey, trust the timing of your life. It takes you where you are supposed to be. 


Live Completely!

Style By Alina - Summer Floral

Effortless…. The one word we would use to describe the persona of Alina Dinh. Creator of www.stylebyalina.com, Alina blogs effortlessly about.. of course fashion, beauty and just all things that incorporate style. And believe us she has tons of it.



When you visit Alina’s blog you immediately get a warm feeling and as you flip through her pics and read her words, you immediately feel like she is your best friend. That friend who will help you get through that date night prep or the friend that will say yay or nay to your latest handbag and/or accessory.



She began blogging a little over two years ago and people would be surprised to find out that prior to www.stylebyalina, Alina had no blogging experience. She used to work in the tech world until one evening she was frantically searching for an outfit and her husband joked that she should do a sort of visual catalog of her wardrobe… and thus the blog was born. Alina says, “It started because I wanted to create a visual record of my outfits. That way when I needed to find something to wear, I could easily search and find inspiration from within my closet!”

Her site is not limited to just fashion, but beauty tips as well as cute home decor ideas. You should see how she designed her nursery. The quality of her fabric choices and color schematics are exactly what a Linell Ellis woman embodies. We were so excited to see her carry one of our bags. Check out how she rocked the Nikki Clutch Floral with a simple blazer.  How she paired it, speaks to her personal style, which she says “constantly evolves, but generally speaking, I like anything that is pretty and feminine.” She also dished, “Linell Ellis handbags are so beautiful and embody timeless elegance which I love.”  


With Alina’s biggest motivation being her 3 month old son, he is her inspiration in everything she does. He is the spark behind her posts, which she updates often and we urge you to check it out. You will see how she pairs any of her current go to favs, which are (in no particular order), her “sleeveless blazer, distressed jeans and nudist heels.”  Stay tuned because we sure will. I promise you won’t be disappointed! 

Live Completely!

Casual Chic Vibes with Connnie Tang


Connie Tang, a Silicon Valley UI/UX Web Interface Designer as well as fashion and lifestyle blogger, is another wonderful example of the type of woman the Linell Ellis Handbag brand embodies. Living in Silicon Valley, it is no surprise that she is into the tech world as she began her career path at Apple and Google. “I love the diversity in people and food, and how Silicon Valley is so high-tech and innovative. On a daily basis, you will probably see a self-driving car, a lot of people with smart watches, and uniscooters,” dishes Connie. That being said, you can just imagine the different styles and trends she sees day in and out. 

She started her fashion and lifestyle blog, www.connnietang.com on her 24th birthday and has been blogging for a little over 2 years. “I initially started the blog as a fashion creative outlet, but it has since evolved to a lifestyle blog. My other half and I spend our nights and weekends brainstorming about where, what, and how we want to shape the next post. It is a really fun process that brings us ever closer together,” says Connie. The most satisfying part of blogging is all of the new friends that she has made along the way. “I never imagined that everyone would be so supportive and loving. It has given me a more positive outlook on my life.”

With Connie’s motivation always being her desire to step out into the big world and make an impact, you can see on her blog that she takes the time to give her viewers what they want. We love the fact that she gives  “steal vs. splurge” options for everything styled on her blog. Being a self-titled “uber style hunter”, Connie has one rule, “If possible, to never buy anything full-priced and to never pay for shipping. My sister and I always have friendly competitions on who can find the better deal, and my friends know me as the go-to person for deals.”

er style is constantly evolving and flowing organically with her moods, the seasons, new trends and cool, cute finds. To summarize it, Connie would say her style is “feminine and trendy with some spunk.” When it comes to handbags in particular, she feels that a person should find a handbag that expresses their style and mood. We had to know which Linell Ellis Handbag was her favorite and she told us, “I adore the Nikki Floral clutch, it is perfect for summer and the colors are so fun! I love brands that make high quality, stylish, but most importantly functional handbags, and that is what Linell Ellis has accomplished with their clutches. They are not too big or small, they fit everything I need for a daily outing!” We are blushing!!

Please give Connie a friendly hello as you are going through her blog, www.connnietang.com (yes with 3 n’s) and enjoying the awesome pairings she puts together. We love seeing the Floral Clutch that she has styled. We are so excited to see what else she comes up with and today we leave you with Connie's words of advice, “Have courage and be kind. -Cinderella”

Live Completely!

52 Thursdays features Linell Ellis

How exciting! We are so pleased to be featured on the 52 Thursdays Blog.  Sarah and Michelle are wonderful and the creative minds behind the blog. I love that they are DC metropolitan area and just adore their style.

Although I am an extreme extrovert, I can be very shy when it comes to the brand.  However, I must say it was seamless and the questions were great. I hope you can check out their blog and read the interview about my childhood dreams and my thoughts on building Linell Ellis.

Live Completely,


Life in Beverly Heels

written by melanie:

We have been following Beverly Beal’s Instagram page for a while and have been in love with her style from day one. From head to toe, with picture perfect hair down to the most appropriate shoe ware Beverly delivers. To top it off, Beverly has a blog called “Life in Beverly Heels” where she shares all her styling tips, advice and even awesome beauty secrets. 


Coming from Detroit, Beverly currently resides in Atlanta, where she is fully enjoying the fashion scene as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of the people, in particular the women of the area. “Atlanta is a place where you can literally start from the bottom and put in the work and come out on top”, says Beverly and with that she created her blog about a year ago, with the one-year anniversary coming at the end of June. She started her blog for the most obvious reason; her love of fashion. She wanted to create a space with a street-style feel where she could share this love, her thoughts and ideas, with others and make connections with those who shared her passion. The blog is a true hit as its kind of a lifestyle blog from the point of view of being in Beverly’s heels…. how clever and cute!!


With her self-dubbed style being a “modern minimalist”, Beverly is certainly no stranger to fashion. Prior to her starting her blog and currently still, she is the owner of “Loved Labels”, a luxury designer online consignment store. It is a place where you can shop, sell, and rent luxury items in one beautiful simple site. Even though her personal fashion style is ever evolving, Beverly always includes a classic piece and makes an easy ensemble. “Although I always love what's trending I try to incorporate new trends but still keep my style simple. Fashion speaks all languages, touches all backgrounds, and expands to all walks of life. I absolutely love that.” That is the most satisfying part of blogging and running her business. The biggest motivation in Beverly’s life is her mother. She gets her spirit from her and aspires to be like her. “My mom runs four businesses and still has time to look beautiful, travel, and inspire others in our community. That is everything I want to embody, she is a constant reminder of what I work so hard for.”


At the moment, this avant-garde woman, has three favorite go to’s in her closet. The first item is a staple piece; her Chanel handbag. Beverly believes in a handbag you must look for quality as “having a quality handbag doesn't mean it has to be very expensive because expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's of good quality. When I purchase bags I want to know how is the wear and tear, how durable it is, and does it clean well. I pay close attention to the fabric used, the extra details, and if the bag has versatility.” We absolutely agree! The second item is her Jimmy Choo Gladiator sandals, which she loves so much so that she says some of her other shoes are beginning to collect dust. We can totally relate to having a favorite!! Last but most certainly not least and truly endearing is her gold “Beverly” bracelet that she purchased in the era of the Carrie Bradshaw reign.

If you visit her blog www.lifeinbeverlyheels.com you will not be let down one bit. You can spend quite some time there being fancied by all her ideas and what she shares. People would be surprised this is the same phenomenal lady who is a sci-fi, zombie lover, war & history buff that also holds a law degree amongst other degrees. We truly love what she has to offer and she too enjoys our brand. “Linell Ellis has actually been on my radar from some time. I would always see it on Blue Fly, but like any other online shopper you’re hesitant on purchasing new brands online. But I've always liked the simple style clutches and especially the Theresa Cork Tote. I am an official Linell Ellis handbag lover.”

Live Completely!